Every picture on this site except for the blue skyscrapers was taken by me and is my property. It is illegal to use them without my written consent to do so.  

I want to become a professional photographer so my pictures and crediting me for my pictures is important to me.

I also want to know where they go and where they are.  Please be respectful and ask me if you can use them and for what purposes you intend to use them for.

Understanding Photography Rights

A photograph is and art form like a painting. The artist (photographer) gets all the credit for capturing something beautifully and not the subject. The artist has the rights to the art (picture or painting) unless he sells it (photographers can sell the same picture a few times depending on the rights the client buys). I know “it’s the internet” but you never see a painting without an artist name/credit so you shouldn’t see a profressional photographer’s image without one either.  

It is okay to use my pictures with credit and when you link me to where you use them if:

-You own the restaurant and want to promote it. This is usually a professional service and will come with a fee depending on usage. Contact me.

-You own a site similar to Urban Spoon where there’s comments on all kinds of restaurants including blog links. A link back to my blog would be nice but a minimum of credit for pictures is mandatory.

-You also have a food blog and can’t take nice-looking pictures of the food so you’d like to “share” my pictures. Crediting me/my blog for the picture is important, a little thank you note with a link back to my blog would be awesome.

It is NOT okay to use my pictures when:

-You want to claim them as your own

-You use them ANYWHERE without credit. I don’t care if it’s your private facebook or taste of awesome/very demotivational.

-You are using my picture in a way that professional photographers would charge you for or you’re making money with my photographs. They’re like paintings.

It’s iffy when:

You think I have really nice pictures and just want to save them to your computer or print them for a food scrap-book. In that case please put the filename as “Flavorsofmontrealwp#” (flavors of montreal word press # if there’s more than one)

You’re doing a school project collage and 20 credits are a pain in the butt. I am a professional-photographer in trainning so I would appreciate the credit but this the ONE case I’m okay with it.

You want to use them for photo-manipulation/photoshop. Contact me, we’ll talk.


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